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Contacts, Emails, and Research, Oh My! - A Beginner's Podcast Bundle

In episode 38 of the MentorZ podcast, Growth Mindset University host Jordan Paris talks about some of the key aspects of obtaining podcast guests and properly preparing for an interview.

Finding the Contact Information

"I'm a wizard with this stuff, email is my game"

Point of contact can be very challenging at times and many people ask the question, How do I even get their email?

Jordan has two tools that allow him to find many of his guest's emails, all that is required is a company website!


Rocket Reach

The Email

The next step is the email, what do you say? How do you make sure your message is effective?

Jordan was kind enough to give me another template he uses for his guests (separate from his Grant Cardone letter example in the podcast). But it still follows the same main template with the key components to make it a strong letter.

The Research Process

A key component of an interview-based podcast is the research. Knowing your guest well and being able to hold a lively conversation is a must. Jordan has a great research process that allows him to get a wide scope of his guest.

"One of the first things I do is go to Spotify because they have a really good search function so I can look up Ava Wettrick and then see every podcast episode, every podcast you've ever been a guest on. And it's very helpful in that way. And, so I'll Q them up. "

This allows Jordan to know a lot about his guest in a short amount of time, giving him ideas, and 'steer-aways'

"I'll know the places not to go, like the things they talk about all the time. ... but a lot of times, Ava, when I'm reaching out to someone, I already have in mind something specific that I want to learn from them. Something I really wanna hone in on over the whole episode"

With a mission in mind, he has accumulated a bunch of notes on his phone, transfers them onto a laptop, and creates questions out of his notes.

But even with all of this preparation and order, the key is comfortability and a great conversation.

"Really though, the best podcasts you throw that whole list out. You ask the first question and the first question lasts the whole episode "