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Getting Ahead At A Young Age - Opportunity, and Proactivity

In a rapidly changing world, many young people have a lot of confusion and fear about 'entering the real world'. And I don't blame them! The world is finally opened up to us, and the vast amount of decisions we have to make can be paralyzing. In episode 44 of MentorZ, Hala Taha, the host of the Young And Profiting podcast talks about how she was able to move about when she was just starting out.

A Template For Your Own Opportunities

" Oh, that's a good question, so a template to help people create their own opportunities. First of all, I would say, be open-minded. Look around - so like let's start with the corporate environment - You get your first job or your first internship. People like proactivity that's probably like the number one thing you need to do. Be proactive, look around and say - "What is something my boss or my co-workers need help with that I can help fill that gap without anybody even asking?" And then show up and be like, "Look what I did" "

Little proactive actions that can improve the lives of others can compound into big stepping stones for your career. Hala combined this idea with another way to get ahead:

" The other way is to help the culture of the organization"

Hala starting the Young Employee Network at Hewlett-Packard and she continued to organize company events and fundraisers that later on became traditions that stuck even after she left. Her efforts opened doors within the company and she even became connected and was making calls to the CEO - It's a great story so I'll let her tell it.


At the beginning, when Hala was in grade school she considered herself to be average. She was a "B" student, she didn't really make the cut for any team or club event, but when she entered college, she stumbled on a concept that radically changed the way she saw herself.

"When I was 19, I discovered Abraham-Esther Hicks - They wrote a lot of books about the law of attraction and I would listen to their tapes on repeat and it really helped transform my mind because I started to realize that what I think, I believe and anything I believe I could eventually achieve. And so, I would just write down everything that I wanted. I wanted to be successful, I wanted to be in the entertainment business, I wanted to be in radio, I wanted to land a great internship, I wanted to have a great love life, I wanted to have great friends ..."

"At that point in my life when I started to kinda like - turning my energy around and focusing on positive things and really believing that I could do anything that I wanted "

She then started achieving great accomplishments like landing a fantastic internship, being on the executive board in her sorority, and co-captain of her cheerleading team, All because she began believing in herself. All of her affirmations kept compounding into more positivity and especially confidence. For Hala, this escalation and newfound confidence felt like a rebirth.


"I think its really about a mindset shift and I think it's about shifting your energy and shifting your confidence. It's like I actually became more confident because I believed in myself and I think that's the key there. It's actually getting that confidence. I think that I probably was talented when I was younger. I was not confident. And so it was not actually until I believed in myself ... (that she began attaining achievements)"

  • Why does the law of attraction work? She interviewed John Assaraf who told her the following:

"The reason why scientifically the Law of Attraction works its because you bombard your subconscious mind with these positive affirmations. And your subconscious mind and your conscious mind can't tell the difference between what's reality and what's not reality. So when you either write the same things down over and over again, when you listen to the same things over and over again, when you take action towards the same things and visualize over and over again, you start to train your subconscious mind that the thing that is not actually not hear yet, is here. And your subconscious mind believes it and then you end up making decisions that will impact you in a positive way towards the thing that you were thinking about and that you want "

*Your brain while it rebuilds

Essentially, you are retraining your brain to think differently so you can better achieve your aspirations with confidence. Affirmations have the ability to change your outlook on yourself, on life, and on what your future can hold.

After this interview, I've been beginning to dive into The Law of Attraction to see its benefits, and I invite you to do something similar! Let me know what happens after a week of bombarding yourself with positive and productive thoughts at agwettrick@gmail.com.