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How Entrepreneurship And Young People Can Save The World

Most of the time, when people think about helping the world or those in need, the go-to answer for solutions usually lies in donating to charities. The idea is that giving the organization money will help those who need it most. But...

This is not always the case

From a young age, Jay'Len noticed a very different experience with charities in his community "Growing up where I am from we were influenced by so many different charities but we never really received any benefit from them, in fact, it was so many channels that those charities have to go through just to get the money... "

In a previous episode of MentorZ titled Elisabeth Huijskens: Empowerment, Elisabeth talked about the frustrating reality of watching her mother run a charity. If people simply didn't 'feel like giving' or if it wasn't a generous season like December, then people would not get to eat.

And looking at charities in Africa, Jay'Len sited a wholistic analysis of the continent conducted from a world bank perspective and found that most of the charity money would go through the governments and not to the people. So if there was a charity to help build wells, the money would go into the government and no wells will be built.

Stories and experiences like these gave Jay'Len the bold statement

"I don't like charities"

So, how do we help people in need if donations are not the answer?

Jay'Len believes he's found an answer in entrepreneurship "[entrepreneurship] is that driving factor that can sustain businesses and productivity". Small businesses in countries play a vital roll in changing the world and empowering entrepreneurs allows people in their local communities to facilitate change. There is so much talent and opportunity to be found and unique problems to solve that only the residents can know!

"These are social businesses, businesses that are meant to impact the community but are also self-sustaining. So when we come in turn with the SDG's (sustainable development goals), those SDG's cant be tackled with an event alone, or a nonprofit alone, they have to be tackled with sustainable mechanisms"

And the power of starting locally has immense impact. Creating something in your city can inspire and help others within your city and the surrounding area. This can multiply and the small change you created can spread like wildfire.

A unique solution that Jay'Len created is his nonprofit, Sustainable Youth in Action which is a grassroots, non-profit dedicated to empowering young minds to solve issues in their communities. They provide a support network, mentorship, leadership training, and project development BY youth, FOR youth.

These students are collaborating in passion-fulled projects and building a sense of community while being able to create solutions to global problems.

"How do we take it from talking to action? Multiple ways you can do that some of the ways our nonprofit does that is through mentoring consulting, consulting, but largely empowering students to take those ideas put them through this machine of hard work ... putting them through all these mechanisms so it comes out as something that can last."

At the end of the episode, Jay'Len asks that if you are a student that has an idea please reach out to vsyaproject@gmail.com!