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How To Connect With Anyone And Get A Response

In episode 36 of MentorZ, Founder of FLIK, Michelle Kwok mentions many times how she was able to connect with big names like Ariana Huffington, Michelle Obama, and Sophia Amoruso.

Throughout Michelle's career, she had developed an incredible knack to successfully cold email or DM high-level people and receive a very endearing response.

At one point in her life, Michelle wanted to work for Nike so she reached out to two of their digital marketing directors. Before even sending out a message, she did a lot of research. "I kinda made it half professional, and half, like, I've done a lot of research on her, I saw what was on her LinkedIn profile, I saw what she was interested in, and I told her why I was interested in Nike and that I wanted to meet her, and I told her I would literally drive down to Portland for 15 minutes to have coffee with her if she said yes" After she sent that Instagram DM, that marketer quickly agreed to hop on a call with her!

And when reaching out to the second marketing director she took a similar approach and reached out through a LinkedIn connection note. "I wanted to stand out, so I looked him up on google, I read every single article about him and on the 8th page of google I found a podcast he was on and it had only 30 plays, I listened to the whole thing and sent a LinkedIn personal invite, and I connected with a note saying "These are the things from the podcast that I agree with, this is something that I disagree with, I would love to chat with you about it..." " He also agreed to jump on a call to talk about the podcast and he was shocked as to how she even found the episode. Not only that, but he was willing to hire her and connected her to people in Nike Europe.

Michelle also proves that it is completely appropriate to reach out to professionals through social media platforms. But if you are still uncomfortable with this, there is a great resource called Rocket Reach, that allows you to get almost any email associated with a web link.

Michelle has done this type of cold calling numerous times. And the times where the messages would be most effective was when the messages were most personalized

"...it was stuff like that where I would go out of my way as much as possible, do as much research as possible, find a baseline with that person, and connect with them in a meaningful way. I didn't ask anything from them..."

Simply, she just wanted to talk to them, discuss her findings, ask a question, or ask them to elaborate on their thoughts.

"...it was me giving value to them, like, how could I constantly give value? And then that would build my value brand... It was me connecting with people, finding an interest in their lives, and literally just wanting to learn from them and give them value, and that's how I got from opportunity to opportunity " And because of this, she has never really needed to write a resume!

When it came to researching out, Michelle's team personalized every message, "We would spend hours and hours researching people, we had two people constantly researching and writing emails to these people ". There wasn't a certain template, though there was one to say who they were and what they did. They did background research, they referenced articles, interviews, videos that resonated with them.

Michell wraps up the keys to a successful connection here -

"It's about framing, it's about personalization, it's about how you can find that baseline and give them value"

And that's how they did it.