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The Only Chicken Soup Recipe You'll Ever Need

In episode 37 of MentorZ, we have on Arie Brish

Brish is an innovation and commercialization expert. He wrote the popular Best Seller business book "Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup", which is a book high up on my reading list as I enter into my college's entrepreneurial program.

The book walks you through the blind spots and pitfalls in the process of commercializing innovation - some highlights being:

Lay the Egg - Where To Look For Innovative Ideas

  • Evaluating and finding demand for your new product idea

Hatch the Chick - Fostering Your Ideas Early Growth

  • Differentiating, and creating a business model

Fund the Chicken -Funding The New Product / Service

  • Financial modeling and evaluation

Prepare The Chicken For Sale - Business Development

  • Launching, marketing, sales, and how to sync all the moving parts

More ingredients for chicken soup -

  • Organization

  • Risk Management

  • Expansion

  • Going Global

These are only just a FEW of the concepts, approaches, and checkboxes in the book Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup. I would highly recommend this read for the budding entrepreneur that means business.

Here, we have a few responses to questions we asked Brish that we put into a video format:

The benefit and the struggle of being a young innovator - and the two winning combinations

Being different is better than being better - in terms of business competition

The most appealing qualities of CEOs - And the checklist he mentions